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River cruising takes off on U.S. inland waters

American river cruising continues to take off with new ships coming on line for service along inland and intracoastal rivers throughout the country.

 One leading line, Guildford, Conn.-based American Cruise Lines has three new ships, 10 new itineraries and 21 new U.S. ports being visiting by its cruise ships in 2023 alone.  

The sixth ship in the sister series, the American Serenade, will begin cruising on the Mississippi River this April.  

American Cruise Lines also has two small new ships (coastal cats) coming out this year. The American Eagle will debut in August and the American Glory in October. These ships are the first in a 12-ship series of coastal cats for American Cruise Lines known as Project Blue.  

“2023 is poised to be the most exciting cruise season ever for American Cruise Lines,” said Charles Robertson, president and CEO of American Cruise Lines. “More small ships exploring in more states than ever before is the best way that I can think of to celebrate 50 years cruising American’s waterways.” 

In total, American Cruise Lines has 17 small ships (all accommodating just 90-180 passengers) cruising/exploring in 35 states this year (both U.S. coasts and all the rivers in between).

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