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North and Western India run largest number of Vande bharat train

North India will have the Fourth Vande bharat when the superfast train service is introduced between Delhi and Jaipur from March 20 which observers say is timed with the assembly elections in Rajasthan.

Once operational, the train is expected to reduce the travel time between the cities and will take 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the journey.

Northern railway runs Vande bharat trains in Delhi Varanasi, Delhi Katra ( Jammu) and Delhi Amb Andura ( Chandigarh) routes.

Western India has the largest number of Vande bharat trains between Gandhinagar Mumbai, Mumbai Sainagar shirdhi, Mumbai Sholapur and Nagpur Bilaspur.

Railway board has ensured token representation to the South by operating these trains in Chennai Mysuru and Secunderabad Visakhapatnam while the East has just one train from Howrah to New Jailpaiguri. The Chennai Mysuru is the slowest of the vande bharat trains since the railway tracks in southern railway are weak and signaling system obsolete. The average speed in this sector cannot exceed beyond 90 kilometers per hour.

The government has also released a production plan of 102 Vande Bharat Trains. The new rakes will be constructed in Indian Railways Manufacturing Units in accordance with design (35 in 2022-2023 and 67 in 2023-2024). A total of Rs 19479 crore has been allocated for the PH 21-Rolling Stock Project (Carriages),

which is in charge of providing Vande Bharat trains, including various coaches, in the revised estimate for the fiscal year 2022–2023.

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