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** Sagar Sandesh is now published as BI Weekly E-paper and is being released on Every Monday and Thursday**

Sagar Sandesh the Maritime Tabloid English Weekly Newspaper is the brilliant brain child of Dr.R.Lakshmipathy - a nationalist at heart & Soul, with service to Motherland as his mission.

Dr.R.Lakshmipathy is a well-known great personality in the paper media with a lot of achievements on his energetic young back of late seventies. With a marine institute to his credit, .R.L. Institute of Nautical Sciences, started in 1994, he has given very disciplined and able mariners to the shipping industry. As a day begins with the sunrise, for the Shipping personnel a day always begins with the quick run through of the Ships Sailing Schedules and the shipping industry derives its very life and sustenance from a shipping schedule, a meaningful chart that chalks out his prospects, profit and prosperity.

Port to Port (www.porttoport.in) is an innovative, fast providing, complete and comprehensive on-site portal where you can find instant solutions for your searches on vessel positions anywhere in any Indian port.  Being updated on hourly basis, the portal helps with hassle free, perfect information on vessel related queries. In fact, Port to Port is enriching expansion of Sagar Sandesh. It is an outstanding and powerful tool for planning & scheduling that runs right in your browser with...

• Hourly Updated Vessel Schedule
• Trade Related Contacts
• Customs Exchange Rates
• Foreign Exchange Rates
• Interactive Vessel Schedule

Significantly, all these effective services are rendered to you without any break, and free of cost. We know in a business, a minute lost, is revenue lost. So we take care that your time turns into gold with least constraint. Above all, we do underscore the fact that ‘FREE OF COST’ for us NEVER MEANS ‘FREE OF VALUE’, but a shared gesture of success…

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