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Let us go a little bit deeper into the advantages of improving labour productivity.

Improving productivity depends on solely the efficiency of the labour. Therefore, improving the efficiency of the labour through relevant training leads to improved productivity.

Improved productivity helps economy grow. We saw how improved productivity of a labour gets more output from the same input.  From the same quantity of raw materials, the efficient worker now is able to produce more finished products, say 5 shirts, than what he used to do, producing 4 shirts only. Making 5 shirts from the same quantity of raw materials help the organization to have greater output from the same input. It means, from the same quantity of raw materials, now 5 people can have shirts one each, just to illustrate. If you extend this fact to all the workers at a given period of time, we can see that improved productivity satisfies more people though from the same quantity of raw materials.

The question now is ‘How to improve productivity?’

Experts have pointed out simple methods to improve productivity. First, you must know how much time you spend every day at work. It does not talk about your regular working hours which are specific indeed. Apart from this regulatory stipulation, you have to know how many hours you are at work. Having known about it, you must take some regular short breaks like tea or just browse through some websites randomly or websites of your choice subject. Just five or six minutes away from the actual task, say, after two hours of hard work. Indeed, the energy levels keep changing from individual to individual.

Analysts say that such small breaks increase the productive performance rather than, as popular idea is, decrease it. Finish off the small tasks at a stretch without a break.  For example, if you require 2 or 5 minutes to complete a task, it is better you do it without break; they say if you take a break and come back to the task, actually it takes more time to complete it than the usual time. You have to minimize interruptions.  These simple ways improve your productivity. Improved productivity is important for any organization because it uses the resources fully effectively and keeps the employees happy.  A happy employee tends to be more productive and the more an organization produces, the more profit it earns, thus improving the financial position of the company; in turn, the greater is the number of profit-making companies, the greater is the growth of the nation’s economy.

All business activities, thus, gain supreme significance in both the regional and national context.  It is essential therefore that all companies must take efforts to improve their business so that ultimately they help the nation build a strong on-going economy which, in turn, places the nation in a competitive position internationally.

Having seen the importance of improving productivity as an integral part of production planning, we shall proceed to the next step in production planning in our next session: To assist the company in capturing the market.
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