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An impersonal relationship when matures into sweet relatedness, it blooms into genuine relationship.

In our last session, we discussed relationship and relatedness saying both are not same. Let us probe into the shades of difference between the two.  As said earlier,  they are as different as chalk and cheese.

Having dwelt on relationship and its implications, we shall now move on to relatedness. It is quite possible that you might have felt some warmth of feeling when you think of somebody which warmth is obviously absent in your relationship with the others. You feel you are drawn to somebody in particular especially when you are stressed and emotionally disturbed. Now focus on that feeling to find out what happens, why it happens and when it happens. This might look rather simple if not silly. Please do not compare this pulling you feel towards somebody with the popular and much talked and rather in a way vulgarized sensual attraction, sexual urge. Love is a very big subject and let us not venture into it. We are not discussing sensation which is usually shallow and excitement. We are discussing genuine feeling of wanting to be in the presence of somebody seeking some way out of our emotional turmoil. Simply, you feel related to somebody of your choice.

What strands of feeling do we find in relatedness? In other words, what seems to dominate between the two in terms of feeling? Indeed, if you look into the experience, you find there is care, there is consideration, there is what is called affection . Care, consideration and affection you experience from the other. And if these quality feelings are allowed to mature undisturbed by thought they end in what is called trust. And what happens in the experience of trust? Actually, what trust means to you?  It means that the other shows unconditional interest for you; the  other thinks, rather feels well of you; that is, he is really concerned with your welfare. All these flames of feelings you realize and ultimately, you decide that the other’s suggestions to you come from good intentions and they cannot harm even when they fail to bring some good to you, some advantage to you.

This trust is the result of the relatedness that binds you with the other. After all, it is only those with whom you naturally feel related that matter to you.

You might wonder in what way this fact of relatedness influences in the process of supply chain management. We will go into that in our next session.

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