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We will see some more examples of courteousness in communication in life general.

Generally we do not attach much importance to the spelling of the names if the persons we address do not mean much to us; for example, the name of a last category servant, or employee in an organization. Indeed, in our experience, the low-rung employees also do not expect their superiors to know their personal details beyond the names of the employees. The employee takes for granted that the superiors’ rather ignorance about their personal details is quite right and in a way inoffensive and the employer also is aware of the fact that he won’t be misunderstood much less criticized if he does not show any interest in the personal details of the employee. This is a popular corporate scenario and it does not receive much attention from both the employee and the employer. And it won’t affect the relationship between them; it is more proper to call it association rather than relationship in such a context.

 There is a bit of much difference between association and relationship as between chalk and cheese. Association usually is a group of people with a common goal: promoting their interests. Moreover, association members can change without much ado their employers and move on to a better position somewhere. Nothing wrong; it happens and has been happening everywhere. In other words, the association is temporary among the members though association as an organization tends to be permanent. But relationship though pre-exists before you came into being continues with you; you cannot relinquish it no matter wherever you may move. You are born in a network of relationships like parents, brother and sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, nephews and nieces, so on.   Briefly, relationship binds you more firmly than an association.  Relationship and relatedness are again two different aspects; let us not go into it now; no need for the context.

Whether at home or at the office, be an employee or an employer, courteousness does pay.  First of all, you are wanted, genuinely; next even without your knowledge, you become a role model to others. At home, your words carry weight even when disagreed with; at office, your words become regulations which are accepted whole-heartedly.  As a whole, living with you or working with you becomes least unpleasant if not totally pleasant.

Let us focus on the office.  There it creates positive work relationship which ultimately turns out to be productive; it strengthens loyalty to the Management. Since courteousness is not a choice—should not be--- but a way of life, your employee treats the customers with the same courteousness and it in turn ends up in the sale of your products; that is, business contact becomes a personal relationship. Expressions like Please, Thank you, Excuse me, Sorry come to the employee, to anyone in fact, come spontaneously according to the context. Above all, smile on the face becomes a constant companion. Smile lightens suffering of any kind; genuine smile, mind you.

We have seen enough of courteousness and shall move on to the next topic next.

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