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Courteousness is in a way comprehensive consideration for the feelings of others, the others may be your own people at home or your fellow-employees. After all, business is a form of relationship and that too, a very important relationship. The importance of relationship is well-understood today by even the big corporate; that is why, relationship management gains recognition in academics. You have Relationship Managers in the banks too.  What does it tell you? It says with a bang that even a business concern cannot function effectively without the support of the other. And courteousness binds relationship. But formal courteousness will not bring lasting relationship.  The basic fact of courteousness, the bare bones of it, is the simple but great message that we need each other. And to retain the other courteousness is the royal road.

Of course, this might sound rather very different and even improper in the business environment.  One immediate response will be that the employer with his wads of currency does not depend on any employee because he can get another employee in no time.  The point here is an employer may not need any particular employee but he ceases to be an employer if he has no employee at all. We find that even the richest men and women in the world are busy, sometimes, busier than the so-called employees. Money and Labour make business keep going. Money works harder to earn more money and labour works hard to earn some money. This describes the general scenario outside.

It is a proven experience of almost all the employers that a loyal employee is more productive than an ordinary wage-earner. Loyalty minimizes if not eliminates completely the distance between the employer and the employee who sooner or later go beyond the pale of employer-employee boundary but of course the boundary is a bit extended not fully erased.

In Business communication courteousness retains the other who may be another business man or a part of a long supply chain. Performance is ensured; quality of work is guaranteed thus giving confidence and scope to think of further expansion of business concern.

We will spend some more time on the consequent benefits of courteousness in professional and personal living.

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