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If a customer feels that your company regards him high, you are successful in dealing with the customers; your relationship with them is firm.


We will some more important facts about CRM. First of all, you must understand that all customers are not equal. Some are more important than the rest. Let me explain.  Supposing a customer buys products worth Rs 5,000 a month and another customer for just Rs 500 or so. Whom do you think as more important? Naturally, someone who brings more profit, more money to you has to be more important to you. Getting such a customer is not as we say a piece of cake. At the same time, you should not be indifferent to the other customer. Your marketing talent will find a balance in dealing with both the kind of customers. Of course the Rs 5,000 a month customer must be more valuable to you and to the company under normal circumstances. Find out what is value to the company; sometimes it may not be just the money alone.

The point here is you must have a sense of prioritizing the customers and it should not be too obvious and at the same it should not be too secretive.  The Rs 5000 customer must be made to feel that the company and its marketing person look upon and treat him as well as a special customer, of course, without offending or hurting the other customer.

It is said that mortar and bricks do not make the educational institution but the people in it.  It is applicable to any institution. It is trying to suggest that employees are more important for the organization. Management experts assert that the employees must be made to feel that they are an integral part of the organization; that is, they must be made aware of the fact that they are respected by the management. Moreover, the objectives of the management must be clearly known to all the employees; then, they know what is expected of them and in what direction. In other words, the situation within the organization must be so amicable that the employees tend to feel indentified with it. Business analysts say that if there is a constant large exit of the staff, it is time that the management took immediate steps to examine their style of management.

There is some more; we will deal with them in our next session.

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