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Dear Friends,

    We are beginning this week some basic lessons on Management. 

    Before we start talking about the subjects, just a few suggestions we shall do better to consider.  Remember, we aim through this simple corner to improve the standard of higher education in our own little and humble way.  This is going to be our collective contribution to the cause of higher education which is facing now a serious challenge of which many do not seem to be aware.

    Learning truly automatically improves standard of your education.  What do we mean by learning truly? If you observe some people who have learned truly, we come to know of certain points.  The first one is they like the subjects they want to learn. So, you have to like your subject you want to learn. You have chosen to learn it because you think it will bring you employment at the end of the study. Having made the choice, you will have to give your best to it. It means, learning that subject becomes all important for you. In other words, learning this subject of your choice must be given much of your energy and time. If you spend your time on things not related to the subject out of habit, it takes you away from you subject which then you cannot learn it truly.

    So, first thing, is like your subject; if it is a new one, even then, develop a liking for the subject. Then, you will find things fall in their place. Whatever does not do anything to improve your knowledge in the subject, it drops away from your activities. It means be focused on the subject.  All those who have proved themselves have always focused on their aim.  With these few words, let us move on to the subject of Management.

    To put it simply, management means getting things done towards a chosen purpose. Either you do it yourself or get others do it for you.  The experience of managing things is common to all, without an exception.  You are able to manage your things well when you come to college and attend the class. Your father manages things well if he is able to pay you money for your education.  Your mother manages home so well that everyone feels comfortable in her presence. She manages domestic problems. Even a street vendor manages things well.  This goes to prove that living and management are inseparable.

     Though management is present everywhere with everyone all the time, it is not just that simple when you come to manage a business and industry. There, since one has to deal with  a great many people with a great many problems, some principles, based on rich experience of the past successful business men,  have been formed.  We shall see those principles in our next discussion.

     Meanwhile, can I expect some questions on what we have seen so far? Questions bring forth clarity which is acquisition of knowledge. You would do well to think on this line and discuss management with your friends asking them to share their views.

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