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So much is there on roads that it is not necessary to go into all those details for the present context. We will briefly look into the types of roads. In fact, for each type of road pages can be written; but those who are in the business of road laying must know all those details for a profitable business.

Generally, there are seven types of roads; they are Earthen roads, Gravel roads, Kankar roads, Murrum roads, WBM roads, Bituminous roads and Concrete roads.

Earthen road

For the earthen roads, locally available earth is used preferably. These roads are not expensive; they are rather cheaper type of roads. These roads are not meant for any heavy traffic; that is, vehicular traffic is much less, almost nil because these roads are not laid for comfortable journey by vehicles. They are primarily countryside roads. Since soil is the major component used for these roads, rains make them muddy or even very slippery. In fact, they are something like beaten tracks in the forest; but they are broader then the beaten tracks.


Gravel Road

Gravels are used to lay this kind of road; generally, they are not paved roads. It is said they are common in less-developed nations and also in rural areas.

Paving means covering the surface with flat stones or bricks; it makes the way for a smooth traffic. But all the paved roads must be maintained; otherwise, they become a sort of horror to ride or drive on the paved roads. The major complaint about the paved roads is potholes. Potholes on the road make driving least comfortable and at times challenging. But well-maintained gravel roads can prove less expensive and more traffic-worthy.


In our next session, we shall see the rest of the types of roads. 

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