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We have to study now the second cost involved in introducing a variety of products which is considered a first obstacle to achieving supply chain management with efficiency. We have already spent some time on Production costs. Now, we will move on to the second cost, marketing costs.  In this context, it is generally called market mediation.
The essence of market mediation refers to a skill -- which might include at times what is known as gut feeling—that manages to strike and largely maintain a balance between demand and the inventory of the product. It is easier discussed than achieved.  There does not seem to be some standard well-defined guideline that makes an exact prediction of demand for a product. In other words, there is this unpredictable uncertainty with regard to demand and marketing capability must find ways to deal with this uncertainty in such a way that the company does not stand to lose.
When you have a variety of products to market, you face a lot of issues that you cannot decide with conviction.  First of all, you do not know which product enjoys or is likely to enjoy a good market share; which product has already earned some market recognition; which product can command attention from the customers for quality, and so on.  
Again, budget allocation remains a great challenge; you cannot sink capital in a product that does not guarantee expected volume of sale. If budget allots some considerable amount to such products, you may fall short of allotment for those products which demand more investment so that they can retain their position in the market. You find in every task of finding fund for the variety of products there is the burden of uncertainty.  And tackling uncertainty consumes bulk of energy and time. At times, the problem is so complex that certain companies choose to postpone the introduction of newer products in terms of variety. Or, they choose the best strategic way of manufacturing to order. This may not be an aggressive marketing for the products but at least it is safe and free from risk.
Under any circumstances, the companies cannot afford to take such decisions that will make customers dissatisfied. Customer satisfaction is the sole secret of success in business.
We will see next obstacle to achieving supply chain fit.

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