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We have been looking into the strategies that make supply chain effective;  so far, we have studied Five strategies in this context and now, we shall move on to the next: Reliable Supply.
Reliability occupies the top slot in all business activities ranging from acquisition of raw materials to the final distribution of finished products to the valued customer.  Break in supply leads to cascading negative impact in all critical business operations ultimately ending in failing to supply the finished product to your customer who may switch to another company irked by disappointment.
Supply chain reliability has many very significant benefits for the company. Apart from the fact of conferring meaningful continuity to your business, it obtains the trust of the customers in terms of consistent performance. This is a vital pillar of success of any business enterprise. Other advantages are reduction in inventory and assuring necessary inventory for future demand. Of course, it is a common practice now that performing companies have some reasonable inventory buffers. After all, business has in store surprises.
With increasing competition in the market, the task of supply chain manages has become too demanding; profitability, an ever burning issue with the professionals, seems to grow tougher and tougher as days pass by. They have to be alert not only to the mounting challenges but also, luckily, to the availability of strategies to face out the challenges. In other words, relentless vigilance must become everyday experience, integral to living itself. Of course the stupendous advances the IT domain registers extend help considerably; it means the professionals will do well to become IT savvy as well. The effective tools are available for those who seek them in time.
And we have spent some time on the strategies that ensure effectiveness to the supply chain management.  Implementing those strategies with meticulous care ensures success. Failure or even delay in implementing the strategies will take away the chance of success for the company; and no business will be ready to face failure.


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