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Including as many green initiatives as possible in all the activities of the company guarantees sustainability in your supply chain.
Let us see some more ways your company impress the customers with your concern and commitment for going green.
Majority of the performing business concerns do expand their business operations in a number of ways; this necessitates building additional structures for efficient administration.  In fact, construction of additional buildings sends the message to the customers that your business is moving flourishingly and this itself fetches admiration from the customers. This admiration can become a potential appeal if you make it a point that your construction activities are governed by your commitment to green movement.
It simply means going in for those materials from those companies that have manifested like you the interest in green movement.  With the invasion of digitization of the commercial activities particularly in the area of marketing, with a click of your mouse, you will be flooded with details of the construction companies that promote green efforts.  This inclusion of green components in your expansion will add sustainability in your business promotion.
Apart from showcasing externally the green initiatives of your company, the efforts can focus internally also.  To underscore your genuineness in your green consideration, you can promote green behavior in your employees too.  You can ask your employees not to waste water and electricity, so on.  In fact, some scheme may be thought of in such a way that employees are judged in their ‘green behaviour’ and some employee may be given some prize calling him the Green Employee of the Month.
No end is there to innovativeness; eco-friendly seminars can be conducted with the pronounced environmentalists; an in-house magazine with a focus on ‘green’ can be organized encouraging the employees to contribute their ’green’ associations, so on.
You might have got some idea now what it means to introduce sustainability in supply chain.  In our next session, we shall move on to the next effective strategy that makes supply chain management sustained one.

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