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Sustainability in Supply Chain Management
We will look into the ways a company can achieve sustainability in its supply chain by following the ways suggested below.
Going Green has caught the attention of the public to a very large extent, thanks to the media that has played a vital role in impressing upon the public the urgency of adoption of green efforts. In fact, the awareness of the importance of Green has been so pervasive and insistent that even in marketing, it is pointed out customers prefer to purchase any ‘green’ product. So, marketing personnel know that going green pays.
Let us see some of the most popular ways that a performing company can choose to follow in all its operations.
Let us start with the energy. All companies use energy but not many companies have a systematic analysis of how much energy is used for all the activities of the company and from which source it gets the energy. What we call energy audit which will spot out the areas where energy consumption can be reduced.
Air conditioners have become a must for every company and its ancillary buildings which include manufacturing unit, stocking, so on; first principle of economic use of ACs are proper and periodic maintenance. Systematic maintenance of all electrical gadgets brings in many advantages, one of them, we can say, avoiding unexpected failures of the machines leading to extra cost in everything.
Traditional lightings can be replaced with LEDs. Massive savings on energy consumption coupled with the long life of the bulbs. The life is said to be longer by many times than the life of a traditional bulb.
Next important thing is avoiding printing as much as possible. Of course paperless offices have become almost order of the day. Digital version of administration saves money, time, paper with additional values of speed and accuracy. Through programs, administrative obligations and necessities can be obtained without loss to the systems. In other words, digital transformation saves time and energy and at the same time ensures increased productivity.
Along with all these initiatives, focus on eco-friendly products will make the company greener. Market is flooded with organic products and environmental friendly provisions. Attention to these things reveals the company’s commitment to go green.

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