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Effective communication leads to mutual understanding.
Effective communication is the backbone of any successful enterprise.  Communication problems at any cost must be understood and put an end to, as quickly and early as possible. Negative consequences of communication problems are far reaching and also at times long lasting if not immediately attended to. Let us not go into the problems of wrong or miscommunications between two individuals; it is rather out of context here; we shall focus on communication problems in business.
Business will collapse miserably on account of communication problems.  There will be irksome misunderstanding among partners, fellow-workers, agents and customers, so on.  This ugly misunderstanding will spoil the relationship between the workers and once it is spoiled, the business environment will turn bad entailing further negative consequences.  The immediate negative impact will be on the productivity of the company.  What kind of business can go on with reducing productivity?  The other things that will follow are erosion into profit, increasing turnover and the most devastating loss of market reputation.  All these facts go to prove the importance of good communication in any business organization.
Now, let us look into the barriers to good communication, that is, the faults and facts that stop communication.
The assumption that the words mean the same thing both to the speaker and the listener is the most common barrier to communication.  Excepting in scientific communication where specific terminology is used, in general communication, there is greater possibility that words do mean different things to the speaker and to the listener.  For example, the common word ‘care’ can be understood in different ways by different people.
Sometime the speaker wants to impress the listener, the writer, the reader, and he chooses t o use very bombastic and unfamiliar words; this will normally result in wrong or miscommunication. Therefore, only popular words must be used with awareness of the understanding of the listener or the reader.
The speaker or the writer, who is called sender in communication discussion, must be aware of the fact that words carry emotional overtones. Therefore, whenever there is a need to talk about subjects like sex, racism, religion and community, words must be carefully used with necessary explanation.  The carefulness must be exercised particularly when the talk includes some unpopular notions or ideas.  In Business context, such situations must be strictly avoided so that the relationship is not strained.
Another significant barrier to communication is information-overload. It is said mind is naturally limited in its energy to understand anything new; therefore, too much information or too many details must not be included in communication. There is a possibility mind of the listener becomes tired if the communication is too long or too boring.  The attention level of the mind keeps changing and diminishing as time passes by.
These are the common barriers to communication which must be avoided.
In our next session, we shall deal with business communication and its characteristics.

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