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Customer Adapter is the next type of 3PL we are going to look into now.
As indicated in the title itself, the Customer adapter adapts, takes over all the logistics operations from his partner and runs them for his customer.  Here, what we must note is, he does not create any company on his own but rather takes over the operations of the otherís company.  He begins to control all the logistics operations of the company that has hired him.
Once he takes over the operations of the company, he tries to enhance the existing logical infrastructure.  He tries to improve the infrastructure. 
Of course, only on the request of the client, he comes forward to assume full control of the company.  This type of 3PL turns out very expensive as more and more personnel are involved in the business activities, to carry out logistics functions.
This type of 3PL provider just focuses on improving the infrastructure only, possibly very efficiently at a big level. But he does not develop a new service.
Because of the nature of the business of the 3PL provider, the customer base is generally small.
Now, the company must have chosen the right 3PL provider to allow the later to take over complete control of your company.  The success and sustainability of the business of the company exclusively depends on the right choice of 3PL provider.  There are some very basic questions to ask before the choice of a 3PL provider is made.  First of all, the company must have accurate knowledge of what the company wants. Only based on the exact information about the needs of the company, the right choice can be made. Once you have the required knowledge of the needs of the company, you can proceed to find out which 3PL provider will be able to meet your needs. You will have to check it out whether the 3PL provider has the capacity to fulfill your needs and also when needed to expand your business as well.  Next, the attention must be given to the fact that the 3PL of your choice must be able to integrate himself into the kind of tech infrastructure of the company.  If he fails here, then, he will be a wrong choice as his presence will not enhance efficiency of the company but only puts hurdles on the path of business execution. Then, the company must consider the kind of resource savings it will be able to claim after introduction of this 3PL in your enterprise.  Depending on the kind of business the company is engaged, it must decide whether to have a regional or international 3PL provider. Finally, the company must be conscious of the recommendations of his vendors.  After all your vendors must find your choice of 3PL is reliable and professional.
After a careful study of all these governing facts in choice of the 3PL, the company can decide upon firming up the choice.
In our next session, we will go to the next type of 3PL.

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