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Industrial Packaging is the next component of the logistics we have to study now.

The Industrial Packaging refers to the packaging that is used either during the manufacturing process or after. Sometimes, the manufacturer might feel that standard packaging may not be sufficient for a safe transport of his products.  He feels more protection for the product must be there so that the customer will receive the product safely without any damage to the product. Damage, small or big, destroys business which means that the customer tends to lose confidence in the company which does not take of a safe transit of the product to a customer. The packaging must withstand long shelf times, environmental damage and transit hazards. When the product reaches the customer, the packaging, in short, must have maintained quality and consistency.

And packaging solutions depend on the product to be transported to the customer.

Industrial packaging gives extra protection to the product for extended storage.  The product itself first of all must be conserved for its travel for long stretches of distance and time. The product therefore must be so sealed that it is completely safe from any external contamination.

Generally industrial goods are often heavier than other normal products thus making handling very difficult and hazardous. To match the size and bulk of the product, the materials to be used in packaging must be properly selected.

The common industrial packaging materials include stainless steel, solid wooden crates and skids, and plastic (bottles & containers; heavy-duty shrink-wrap).

To mention a few of the more popular industrial packaging: corrugated packaging; foam products, wood crates and pallets, reusable cases, different kinds of bags like polybags, zip bags and static shielding bags.

 Most significantly, the industrial packaging must satisfy the international packaging standards; it must meet the quality control requirements of both the countries of manufacture and the destination.

The industrial packaging market promises a huge hike as the global economies come to more and more use of industrial products.there is tremendous growth momentum; but, it is totally different subject demanding greater attention to many details.  It is not within our scope here to go to study the industrial packaging market and its dynamic scenario.

  We will proceed to the next topic in our logistics in our next session.

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