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After deep deliberations with the stakeholders of higher education with a singular focus on the falling standard in education,  Sagar Sandesh took a resolution to undertake some significant task towards contributing, facilitating the endeavorsí of the educationists along with the concern of the parents , staff and students themselves to improve the standard of our higher education. This initiative of Sagar Sandesh is a committed response to the worried concern expressed by the government, the industrialists and the corporate  who are the most prospective employers in the country that the standard in institutions of higher education must be immediately attended to and check the fall in standard which is very much talked about. Of course, Sagar Sandesh is not a weekly meant for education in general; but, it has ample contents that are extremely relevant to the shipping and logistics related industries. Like the tiny squirrel that ran to help Lord Rama in building  the bridge that would take him and his army to fight and conquer Ravana, we will be doing in our humble way our best to help the students particularly of the shipping and logistics courses to understand their subjects. Under no circumstances, we can ever be substitutes of the learned staff but, we will simplify the contents of the subjects without  sacrificing facts. We feel that the standard of the language of the prescribed text books is generally far above the comprehending level of the majority of students. And, to our efforts, we seek response from our readers, especially students , staff and even parents. Based on your valuable response, we will change our plan of actions. Ultimately, we want to be just useful to the students in their acquisition of knowledge so that they fare well in the market with employability as their merit. We begin from next issue onwards. Hope to hear from you.

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