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Improved Crew Evaluation System

Shortage of qualified seafarers especially officers has become a global issue which is expected to get worsened in future, thereby posing  a challenge to Crew Managers in finding right people for the right job in right time.

 Seagull Maritime’s Crew Evaluation System (CES) will prove a boon in recruitment process, helping the Crew Managers face the challenges. This System evaluates the knowledge of the seafarers and also identifies the training needs specific to knowledge areas defined in STCW.

CES is one of the most used online assessment tools in the Maritime industry and is being constantly updated and revised. 

 During 2018 Seagull Maritime introduced several changes to the existing platform that is now upgraded to the new CES version 6 with HTML5 based player inside. 

One of the biggest ad-on this year is the release of Seagull Maritime Reading and Listening test within CES. Apart from that we have also released :

§  A new and friendlier user interface that handles dynamic resizing of windows and controls that are more intuitive and more easy to use on tablets and mobiles.

§  Enabled audio to be used in both questions and answer alternatives, currently it is available in our new Maritime English test, but will most likely be expanded to other tests in the near future.

§  For those using Company specific test, it is now possible to have from 2 – 8 questions alternatives, more than one correct answer alternative and set the time for each test in the editor.

§  Several new questions have been added to the library such as a wide section covering MARPOL Annex VI.



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