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Oil spill once again in Kamaraj Port

Over two tons of furnace oil leaked into the sea from Oil tanker M T Coral stars near Kamarajar port in Ennore in North Chennai on November seventeenth when a flexible hose of the vessel snapped from the berth side of the ship.

The tanker was discharging the consignment at the Marine Liquid terminal in the port area early in the morning when the incident took place

A press release issued by the Kamaraj port said A Vessel namely M.T. CORAL STARS was discharging Fuel oil through flexible hose at Marine Liquid Terminal 1 in Kamarajar Port on November 18. At around 04:03 hrs, it was noticed that the flexible hose got snapped from the berth side. Immediately, the discharge of cargo was stopped by operating the emergency control button.

 Because of the snapping of hose, some quantity of Fuel oil which was mostly contained in the hose got spilled in the sea water in front of the berth area. 

Preliminary estimate of spilled Fuel oil quantity is less than 2 tons. The emergency response mechanism was immediately activated and all concerned agencies including Coast Guard swung in action to attend and mitigate the situation. CMD, KPL and Senior officers from Kamarajar Port and Chennai Port Trust, Indian Coast Guard rushed to the site. Govt. of Tamil Nadu was also informed of the incident.


Fence boom was immediately deployed around the Vessel by the Port to arrest the drift of spilled Fuel oil. Ariel survey was also done by the Coast Guard along with sea side reconnaissance by their Interceptor Boat so as to assess the spillage surface. Visually it was observed that the spillage is confined within the Break water area of the Port and mostly with the fenced boom area. 

Recovery of spilled Fuel oil was immediately commenced with the help of skimmers and absorbent pads. The recovery process would be completed by tomorrow.

This is the second time an oil spill is occurring in the port in the last one year. Early last year in 2017 two oil tankers collided near the entrance of Kamarajar port Ennore leading to a massive oil spill. The spill extended from the port area situated in north Chennai to the famous Marina beach and on to Mahabhalipuram a distance of nearly sixty kilometers from Chennai along the shore line causing serious damage to the flora fauna.


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