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Inmarsat enhances cyber security offering

The shipping industry has experienced the adverse and severe damage from cybercrimes. Though slow to wake up to the potential harm cyber crime can inflict on shipping, it has now realized cyber security is a must for shipping to sustain itself in a rather depressive environment. And any measure or initiative that enhances cyber security is welcome without any reservations. 

Now Inmarsat has come out with two tools that strengthen its t maritime cyber security service, Fleet Secure..

   Inmarsat said Fleet Secure Endpoint is based on technology from ESET and powered by Port-IT and protects desktop computers and other systems connected to a vessel’s network.
   Fleet Secure Endpoint was developed to remove infections and thwart hackers before damage occurs to onboard endpoints and connected systems, Inmarsat said, adding that the solution will be available for commercial use in January.  

 Inmarsat also has launched a training app for mobile devices, Fleet Secure Cyber Awareness, that enables seafarers to educate themselves on the tactics that cyber criminals might employ in attempting to infiltrate a company’s IT infrastructure. 

Addressing the human element is essential to maintaining strong security, according to Peter Broadhurst, senior vice president of safety and security for Inmarsat Maritime. “Many attempts to gain unauthorized access to IT infrastructure require some sort of activation by an end user in order to infect a system and cause further damage. These attacks are often heavily disguised so as to trick and manipulate end users into unwittingly granting permission.   “However, there are nearly always telltale signs that, if spotted in time, would prevent escalation. Crew education is therefore an indispensable component in realizing a well-rounded security strategy,” Broadhurst said.

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