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Talk held on heart and obesity at MPT

Today all are living in a competitive world and in a rat race to chase dreams. Most of all this is done at the cost of one’s health and well being. One does not devote enough time to pay attention to diet or physical fitness, and that’s the reason why serious health issues crop up when they are least expected. 

 Dr. Nimish Pillai, the Chief Medical Officer of MPT Hospital organized an informative talk for the Officers and staff of the MPT on the subject; ‘Heart and Obesity’ at the HRD Centre on 12th October. Dr. Namrata Vengurlekar of the Manipal Hospital, Dona Paula was the resource person for the talk show. 

Welcoming the gathering, Dr. Nimish Pillai emphasized on the three important categories of body weight, i.e. Normal weight, over weight and obesity. ‘Obesity is directly linked to health issues and maybe even early death. There is a further entity called ‘morbid obesity’ which one has to avoid reaching. Weight is directly linked to our eating habits and for this reason we must burn the extra calories that we consume’ he said. 

Dr. Namrata Vengurlekar, the resource person with the help of an audio visual presentation spoke eloquently about the social and medical implications of obesity. She explained to the participants the various dangers of being obese and the impact it can have on one’s health parameters. She said it is not a healthy trend to be overweight or obese. And one must keep a check on one’s daily eating habits and physical activity to lead a healthy life. She gave the participants the formula to calculate one’s BMI and keep a track of one’s body weight. ‘Eat healthy and stay healthy’ was the message she conveyed throughout the session. 

She was heard in rapt attention by officers and staff of MPT numbering about 60 as she went about talking about the negative and fatal implications of eating junk foods, frozen foods which contain lots of preservatives. 

In a very downright manner Dr. Vengurlekar explained to the participants the dangers of living a sedentary lifestyle with no physical activity of any kind and overeating.

The interactive session enabled the participants to freely put forth their views as well as to ask certain questions to clarify their doubts about health issues, especially those concerning obesity and heart related medical issues. 

Dr. Namrata, clarified the queries and issues raised by the participants in layman’s terms to the satisfaction of all. She impressed upon the participants to do periodic health check up once one is above 40 years of age. Prevention is always better than a cure, she said. 

The deliberations were beneficial to all participants.

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