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MSC hikes rates for cargo from Asia to U.S., Canada

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) said it is adjusting fuel charges upward and said it has filed a general rate increase for all cargo moving from Asia to the United States and Canada effective Oct. 1 “in anticipation of continued strong demand in the early part of October.”  

 The company said it would advise customers of “the exact amount we intend to apply to your contract as we get closer to October 1,” but said it had filed a GRI for cargo discharging at U.S. or Canadian ports, both on the West and East Coasts, in the following amounts: $480 for 20-foot containers; $600 for 40 foot containers; $675 for 40-foot high-cube containers; and $760 for 45-foot containers.  

MSC also said, “With the recent fuel increases, the transpacific bunker formula has triggered an upward bunker adjustment for the fourth quarter of 2018.” It said a low-sulfur fuel contribution charge shall remain as per Q3 levels.

The bunker adjustment factor (BAF) for Asia cargo discharging at a U.S. or Canadian West Coast port of discharge is $367 for 20-foot containers, $408 for 40-foot containers and $517 for 45-foot containers. For cargo discharging at a U.S. or Canadian East Coast port or on the Gulf Coast, the amounts are $689 for 20-foot containers, $765 for 40- foot containers and $968 for 45-foot containers.


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