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After floods fuel shortage looming large in Kerala

Apart from the torrential rains which have claimed over three hundred lives in Kerala, the state may face serious fuel shortage since the ships carrying imported crude for the Cochin refinery is unable to berth at the Cochin port due to bad weather.

 At least three ships carrying crude from Saudi Arabia and Iran are waiting in the midstream unable to enter the port due to bad weather.  Cochin airport has already been shut down for the last few days and limited number of flights have started landing in the naval base. 

Three vessels, including two very large crude oil carriers (VLCC) and one Suez Max vessel, carrying more than 2 million barrels of crude oil, have been waiting to unload the oil for 5 to 12 days, according to port sources.

The vessel Sri Vishnu carrying Saudi crude has been waiting to unload since August 12, VLCCs Happiness I and Humanity, with Iranian oil on-board, have been waiting in the midsteam off Kochi for nearly twelve days..

"It's very bad weather at the moment and the rains are not subsiding...it's not clear when the vessels can discharge," said the Port sources.

The Kochi refinery which has a capacity of more than 260,000 barrels per day (bpd) is located at Ambalamugai, near Kochi where torrential rains have left over 30,000 people homeless, destroyed crops and disrupted air, rail and road traffic within the state for a week.


So far, 324 people have died from Kerala's worst floods in a century.

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