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I am asking for WORLD PEACE, nothing less: Donald Trump

While warning the world against doing business with Iran with Washington’s re-imposition of sanctions which will be most biting ever imposed, US President Donald Trump said, "Anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States. I am asking for WORLD PEACE, nothing less."

The second tranche of sanctions effective Novermber 5 focus on Iran’s vital sector, oil sector and they could be far more damaging -- even if several key customers such as China, India and Turkey have refused to significantly cut their purchases.

Responses from other countries to Trump administration’s second round of sanctions against Iran do not seem to paint US administration in favourable colours, the responses are a mixed one of anger and fear.

Despite the European governments’ measures to protect businesses, many do not prefer to operate in uncertain climates and are less likely therefore to trade with Iran with punitive threats from US;  , German carmaker Daimler  has announced it had suspended its activities in Iran "until further notice according to applicable sanctions."

Though Trump has said that he was open to new talks to reach a ‘more comprehensive deal’ with Iran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has dismissed the idea of talks while sanctions are in effect, and accused America of waging "psychological warfare.”

The return of US sanctions left some of Washington's partners unimpressed.

British Foreign Office Minister Alastair Burt said that the "Americans have really not got this right."

The nuclear deal was important "not only to the region's security but the world's security," he told the BBC.

Russia's foreign ministry said it was "deeply disappointed" by the return of sanctions, adding that it would do "everything necessary" to save the 2015 nuclear deal.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told reporters that the global reaction to Trump's move showed that the US was diplomatically isolated.

Many hope and believe that Iran's leaders will "drink the poison cup" and negotiate with the US eventually.

Iran's regional rivals Israel and Saudi Arabia have welcomed the tough new US policy.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the renewed sanctions as "an important moment for Israel, for the US, for the region, for the whole world."

Ali Vaez, Iran project director for the International Crisis Group, told AFP that the sanctions would inflict "significant harm" on the Iranian economy.

"But this is not the first time that the Iranian leadership is dealing with sanctions," Vaez said.

"I doubt that in the next two years we would see the collapse of the government or the regime in Tehran."

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