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Iran to introduce new tariffs to boost exports in northern ports

Iran will introduce concessional tariffs in its Caspian Sea ports in North of the country in order to help boost exports and transit of goods, said the deputy head of Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran (PMO) on July second. This is seen as attempt by Iran to increase OIL trade with European countries and Russia and to neutralize the adverse impact of US sanctions. United States has asked countries to stop oil trade with Iran before November four or face the impact of sanctions. 

By introducing new incentives and reducing tariffs in our Caspian Sea ports we can enhance the volume of our exports from our northern ports to Europe,' Mansoor Arami told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).  

Iran, by having access to the Caspian Sea in the north and the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman in the south has a very unique geographical position in the region and should use the great potential, Arami added.

 He said that the Caspian Sea littoral states maintain good economic conditions and establishment of economic relations between Iran and these nations can help provide big momentum to the county's national economy. 

'Presently, the level of trade exchanges between Iran and the five Caspian Sea littoral states is very low,' the deputy head of Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran said. 

We should make the best use of the capacities we have in our northern ports, Arami added.

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