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Govt frees ships from transshipment permits for Indian entities: Nitin Gadkari

 In a major game-changer move, the Government took another wide stride in developing coastal shipping by doing away with licensing requirement for ships chartered by Indian citizens or companies for transshipment of containers, Nitin Gadkari, the Minister for Shipping, Road, Transport and Highways said recently.

This initiative will effectively arrest the diversion of Indian container cargo to foreign ports at Singapore,Malaysia, Colombo and Jabelalit..

“The move will not only arrest diversion of Indian container cargo to foreign ports but will prove a milestone in creating entrepreneurship in shipping operations while unfurling huge opportunities for citizens including former army and navy personnel with desired silks and knowledge to charter smaller feeder vessels and participate in the fast growing container trade,” Gadkari said.

 “Transshipment of Indian cargo at foreign transshipment ports leads to traffic growth there and job creation in other countries, loss of revenue from Indian shippers in terms of port and logistic charges and loss of foreign exchange to foreign ports as the transhipment revenues and charges are collected from Indian exporters/importers by foreign ports,” the minister said.

If aggregation is done at Indian Ports, jobs will be created, port charges will come and an ecosystem will be developed, he added. “Promoting transhipment in India would lead to cargo growth at Indian Ports emanating not only from India but also potentially other countries in the region, which in turn would lead to creation of jobs in India, growth of accompanying ecosystem, revenue growth for Indian Ports and retention of foreign exchange,” he said.

Shipping Secretary Shri Gopal Krishna, IAS said recent that this is one of the biggest measures in the shipping sector since 1958 and the move will in the first year, as per conservative approach, will result in at least 10 per cent reduction of the Indian container cargo transshipment to foreign Ports.

Ports like Vishakhapatnam, Deendayal, Cochin, Tuticorin, Ennore and Chennai are likely to benefit most initially, he said. He added that Indian Ports are likely to get an additional income to the tune of about Rs 200 crore on account of this.


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