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Maritime Training: Simulators are the Standard -MarTID Report

When it comes to training bridge officers, simulator training is the standard, with over 86 percent of companies using simulators for this purpose, according to the Maritime Training Insights Database (MarTID) 2018 Training Practices Report.

The MarTID report found that a smaller proportion, around 60 percent total, use simulators for training engineering officers.

Investment into simulation training will only increase in years to come. Of the companies that currently make use of simulation training, the majority, over 60 percent, plan to increase the use of simulation for training officers in the next five years. None anticipate a decrease in use of simulation for officer training.

 Reasons for the future popularity of simulation are plenty as an effective training tool. To mention just a few of them.

The simulation technology which takes the trainee almost to the spot of action is available for many ships operations at a very cost-effective price. Training schedule can be planned according to one’s needs. The training need, that is, a particular situation can be repeated till the required learning outcome results. It provides familiarity with the modern equipments now in use onboard the ships so that when the trainee goes onboard the real ship, it does not frighten him out of wits. Another very significant aspect of simulator training points to the recording of the performance and the facility for repetitions of that recorded performance for analysis and corrections if any.


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