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Text of PM's Address on the inaugural session of the Founding Conference of International Solar Alliance in New Delhi

His Majesty President Macro ,  His Excellency President and Prime Minister , 
Honor Guests , Ladies and Gentlemen , 


I warmly welcome everyone at the establishment of the International Solar Alliance in Delhi . 

Today the historic day of seeds Nvanbr 20l5 in Paris in the 21 th Conference of Parties was sown time.Today the green shoots have come out of that seed. 

France has played an important role in this new plant's new prospects. International Solar AllianceThis tiny plant of can not be planted without the joint effort and commitment of all of you. And so I am very grateful to France and to you all. Of the 121 potential countries, 61 have joined the Alliance . 32has ratified the Framework Agreement , but in this alliance we are our biggest partners except our allies, who are giving the power to the outer environment and power our resolve. 
Friends, even when life has opened its eyes on Earth, it has been published and animated by sun masses even millions of years ago. From Japan to Peru , Greece or Rome , Egypt, Inca and East Maya Traditions

- Every civilization has given the sun its reputation and importance. 

Indian philosophy has been central location between the Sun from thousands of years ago, the uniques. In India, the Vedas have considered the Sun as the spirit of the world since thousands of years ago. In India, the Sun is considered to be the nutrition of whole life. Today, when we are looking for a way to tackle the challenge like Climate Change, then we must look at the balance and the overall view of ancient philosophy. 


our green future depends on what we can do together. I remember the words of Mahatma Gandhi:"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing most of the world's problems".

The presence of leaders from all over the world today is an expression of the fact that solar energy provides an effective and economical solution to permanently complete the energy needs of humankind. 


In India, we have started the world's largest renewable energy expansion program.  We will generate175 gigawatt of electricity from renewables by 2022, of which 100 GW of solar power will be generated. We have already achieved the target of 20 gigawatt installed solar power. Increasing energy in India now renewables instead of conventional energy sources. Getting more than In India, Atal Jyoti scheme aims insufficient power sectors solar energy based street lights to install to.Solar Study Lamp Scheme for children going to schools is giving light to 7 million children. 

If we add other technologies from solar energy, the results become even better. For example , thegovernment has saved more than $ 2 billion in the last three years, by distributing 28 million LED bulbs, rather than 4Giga watt power also survived Not only that , 30 million tons of carbon dioxide also became less. 


We want solar revolution not only in India but also in the world . You have also trained in India, Solarmamas, who have also heard of the song, heard their speech, also saw their video. Now you have already become familiar with these solar mamas. His story is inspiring in itself. 

We are happy that apart from contributing to the ISA Corpus Fund , US $ 62 million has been contributed to the establishment of ISA Secretariat . I am also happy to announce that we are the ISAProvide 500 training slots to the members every year in solar energy.

We have completed or have been implementing 13 solar projects of US $ 143 million worldwide. India is offering $ 1.4 billion in assistance to 27 other projects in 15 other developing countries. We have set up a project preparation facility which will provide consultancy support to partner countries to design bankable projects. I am also happy to announce today that India Solar Technology Mission will also start to fill the gap of technology. This mission will be international focus and it will lead our R & D efforts in the solar sector by combining all of our government, technical and educational institutions. 
Friends, the development and use of available solar energy, like abundant wind, will surely reduce the carbon weight of the Earth in addition to our prosperity. Friends,we have to take care of some points. And they are - on one side there are many countries in which the sun shines throughout the year, but the lack of resources and technology stays in the use of solar energy.

Interruptions are formed. 

On the other hand, there are such islands and countries whose existence is a direct threat of climate change. The third thing is that solar energy is not only light, but also a lot of other experiments -traffic, clean cooking, agriculture solar pump and health care can be equally useful. To promote the use of solar energy, the availability and availability of technology, economic resources , decrease in prices, the development of storage technology , mass manufacturing, and innovation .For the complete eco system is very essential. 


what is the way forward , that we all think. I have ten action points in my mind that I want to share with you today. First of all, we have to ensure that better and affordable solar technology is accessible and accessible to everyone. 

We have to increase the proportion of solar in our energy mix. We have to encourage innovation so that solar solutions can be provided for various needs. We have to provide finance for concessional financing and low risk for solar projects. Regulatory aspects
And the standards will need to be developed which will adopt the solar solution and give a new momentum to their development. Developing countries will require the development of consultancy support for bankable solar projects. To emphasize greater inclusiveness and participation in our efforts. We should make an extensive network of centers of excellence that can keep in mind the local circumstances and factors. Our solar energy policy, see the totality of development, so SDGs contribute much more than the receipt of. We should make the ISA Secretariat strong and professional. 
Friends, I believe we are ISA

Through all these action points , you will be able to progress through dynamic development. 


this moment of today is just the beginning of our journey. Our Alliance can fill our life more than the sun's light. It can also make 'Let us make the Sun brighter' meaningful. Spirit has always been the philosophy of ' one family ' - ie, 'The whole world is a family' . 
If we want the good of the whole earth , whole humanity, then I believe that like coming out of personal filings, we will be able to bring unity and solidarity in the objectives and efforts of a family. 


this is the way we pray for the ancient monks - 'Tamaso Maa Jagatgaya '- that is , we will be able to go from light to light.

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