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Delhi Jaipur Rail journey in ninety minutes

After extending the high speed Gatiman Express from Delhi to Gwalior, the Railway Board has initiated steps to introduce a mini bullet train which will cover the 300 and odd kilometer distance between Delhi and Jaipur within ninety minutes. Work on the bullet train project with Japanese assistance between Ahmedabad and Mumbai has already commenced. 

An Italian railway engineering company has been designated to undertake the feasibility study of strengthening the tracks to run trains at 200 kilometers per hour between Delhi and Jaipur. Currently the trains in this track run at 100 kilometers an hour and take five hours to cover the distance. 

The feasibility study will conducted based on the information provided by the zonal railways on the pattern of operation between two stations, the passenger’s load, the number of freight train operated in this route, their speed and length, feature of the tracks double or single, infrastructure of the track including bridges, platforms, signalling etc and number of level crossings between Jaipur and Delhi.

 These details are being compiled and sent to the railway board shortly. It is part of the railway ministry’s initiative to introduce semi high speed trains. As is the practice with the railways for decades the projects will start from North India

The rail distance between Jaipur and Delhi is 309 kilometers and the existing tracks between the two routes can attain a maximum speed of 110 kilometers an hour. Usually the trains on the track maintain a speed of 80 to 95 kilometers an hour to cover the distance in 5 to 8 hours depending on the number of halts.


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