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There’s no simple ‘off the shelf’ complete solution to achieve sustainable shipping: the Switch

There is no simple single solution to attain sustainable shipping in the sense that use of any single technology will not do to make shipping sustainable; on the other hand, discreet use of many individual technologies will come to greater use in the efforts to achieve sustainable shipping.

In Marketing Management also, a similar principle is stressed; it is said that a major breakthrough is not necessarily through a major innovative idea but through many simple ideas upon ideas, action upon action. The Switch’s proposition reflects the same point of view.

In order to achieve the objective of sustainable shipping, the maritime industry needs to piece together individual technologies to create efficient vessels that are greater than the sum of their parts, according to the Switch.

There’s no simple ‘off the shelf’ complete solution. Instead, there is a wealth of existing innovations and systems that can radically transform the industry’s environmental performance when used together, the electrical drive train technology specialist stressed.

“Stricter regulations, greater environmental awareness and the imperative to control operating costs in increasingly tight markets are key drivers for an industry that must optimize operational efficiency,” says Mika Koli, Business Development Manager at The Switch.

“But at the same time, it’s unrealistic to think this can happen with one ‘big idea’ or technological breakthrough. What shipowners need to do is future proof new and existing vessels by making smart choices – by seeing what is available and then putting the pieces of the puzzle together.”

“There are some game-changers already on the market,” Koli stresses, “technologies that are fundamentally simple, energy efficient and can greatly reduce the life-cycle costs and emissions of the world fleet. Of those, we believe hybrid solutions, DC networks and permanent magnet (PM) driven contra-rotating propulsors are among the most compelling solutions available.”

The Switch is targeting growth of 200 percent over the next five years in marine business with its three concepts: PM shaft generators, DC-Hub and an integrated electric propulsor aimed at saving fuel, securing optimal efficiency and energy efficiency.


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