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World’s Largest LNG-Fueled Ship Set for Delivery

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) in South Korea is on schedule to deliver a 50,000 DWT, LNG-fuelled bulk carrier by the end of the month.

The as-yet unnamed vessel is in the final stages of construction for Japanese owners Ilshin Shipping and will be equipped with a dual-fuel engine capable of using both LNG and oil.

A high manganese steel LNG fuel tank, with a manganese content of approximately 20%, allows the fuel tank to withstand temperatures as low as -162°C.

With a claim as the largest LNG-fuelled vessel completed to date, the bulk carrier was developed through a partnership between UK-based classification society Lloyd’s Register (LR) and HMD parent company, Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI).

Lloyd’s Register’s Korea marine manager Jin-Tae Lee, said “We are pleased to help the shipyard bring these types of innovative designs to the market through the joint development project with HHI. We believe that HHI’s efforts can offer the possibility that will help owners comply with emission regulations with a reliable and competitive solution.”

Earlier this year, HHI and LR announced a joint development project to design 180,000 dwt class bulk carriers. The design development is almost complete and is in the process of receiving approval in principle. The vessel will be made for short to medium-haul bulk trade (i.e. Australia – Asia) and long-haul bulk trade (i.e. Brazil – Asia) service. The design includes stern-mounted LNG fuel tanks with POSCO high manganese steel or 9% nickel steel.

Additionally, Woodside, Anangel, GE, LR and HHI signed a joint industry project agreement to develop an LNG-fuelled 250,000 dwt very large ore carrier operating on the Australia – Asia iron ore trade route. An analysis of the design to verify its safety level was recently completed with all parties in Seoul.


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