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Fake STCW 2010 certificates: Crewing cos seek DGS online verification mechanism to vet cadets’ academic bonafides

Increasing menace of fake STCW 2010 certificates has spurred crewing companies to seek the incorporation of online verification mechanism on DGS portal to verify STCW bonafides of cadets applying for manning jobs in shipping companies. “Recently we have been facing uphill task to verify STCW 2010 Certs of Seafarers. There are many fake certs floating in market. To verify one STCW 2010 certificate it takes approximately 24 hrs, 15 minutes of a person and 2 days delay in pursuing a CV. Thus we are losing more than 100 Man hrs per month in verifying STCW Certs vide email writings for employment of 200 Seafarers”, says a memorandum submitted to Director General of Shipping by Capt Sanjay Prashar, Managing Director, V R Maritime Services Pvt Ltd on 11th Dec. “Presently best way to check genuineness of STCW Certs of Indian Seafarers is to see Master Checker from DG Shipping website. Since it's personal property of Seafarers and password protected, we as employers have to now send e-mail to MTI's and that's a huge task”, added the memorandum. “As our new Crewing system (webshipmate from SBNT) doesn't accept any STCW Cert without verification, our staff asks MTI to confirm genuineness of the STCW 2010 Certs”. 

Suggestion for effective long term corrective measure includes request online verification in DG Website itself for STCW 2010 Certs of Indian Seafarers as present system of DG Shipping allows only CDC, COC, COP, W/K, DCE, GMDSS Check only leaving alone STCW 2010. DG Shipping already has a system in place called Master Checker for candidates. It just needs to be attached as checker on DG Website to make us verify STCW 2010 Certs also, pleads the memorandum. “Please issue us guidance note stating whom to report and how to report when sighted fake documents of Seafarers”, urges the memorandum.


Place STCW forgery and CDC fraud on even penal keel


Seeking equanimous penal treatment to spurious STCW akin to fake CDC, memorandum roots for level playing crackdown between fake STCW and forged CDC. “We have seen Cir no 01 of 2016 dated 07.03.2016, Ref CR/CDC/09/2015 "Review of Debarment of CDC" where Seafarers are barred for 5 Years if they apply for Indian CDC with fake docs. We suggest same punishment be given to any candidate who makes fake cert once it is reported by any authority or legitimate person with clear credentials to DG Shipping. It should be made compulsory for all MTIs to have verification tab for STCW 2010 certs on their website itself. This is what sighted in Eurotech website, which is great help. Indian CDC will be issued basis 5 STCW 2010 Certs from Jan 2018. This is another big reason that seek verification tab at DG Shipping website itself for STCW 2010 Certs”, maintains the memorandum. 


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