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Singapore to use drones for remote ship inspections

Of many service and training enhancements for Singapore-registered ships and maritime companies, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has announced one plan that aims at using aerial drones to carry out ship inspections and this will begin as early as next year.

Having conducted several trials of using drones to survey cargo tanks of ships, it is in the process of developing acceptance criteria for the use of such remote inspection techniques on board Singapore-registered ships.

“Such methods of remote inspection are safer and can save time and cost for ship-owners as it eliminates the need for traditional method of survey such as erecting staging in the cargo tanks. Marine surveyors also do not have to risk their lives by having to climb high places or be exposed to adverse conditions to check for defects,” the MPA said in a statement.

The acceptance criteria for the use of drones for ship inspections will be ready by first quarter next year, according to the MPA.

Currently, more than 4,600 ships flying the Singapore flag.

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