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Indian companies create 113k jobs in US: CII Report

According to an annual report released now by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Indian industries and professionals are making very significant contribution to the US economy. 100 Indian companies doing business in America and Puerto Rico have created more than 113,000 jobs and also invested nearly 18 billion US dollars in the country.

Besides, Indian companies have also contributed 147 million US dollars towards corporate social responsibility and 588 million dollars as research and development expenditures in the US.
The top five states in which Indian companies have generated maximum employment are New Jersey, Texas, California, New York and Georgia. According to the report, the top five states in which Indian companies have contributed the highest foreign direct investment are New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California and Wyoming.
Indian Ambassador to the US Navtej Sarna, said, Indian industry and professionals are making significant contributions to the US economy. The presence and reach of Indian companies continue to grow each year as they invest billions of dollars and create jobs across the United States, he said.
Congressman Pete Sessions said Indian businesses have brought hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs to Texas and, at the same time, the reforms led by Prime Minister Modi have opened doors for American companies to expand their operations in India.

“CII is proud of its flagship biannual initiative, ‘Indian Roots, American Soil’ – through this survey report and the event on Capitol Hill, we are able to highlight the best of Indian industry in the United States – their positive contributions to the U.S. economy and society through investments, job creation, CSR and skill-building initiatives, which have immediate and visibly positive multiplier effects on the local communities where our companies have invested and put down roots. The story of Indian investment in the U.S. is one that showcases how intertwined we are as nations that contribute to each other's success. CII is extremely optimistic about the growth of the U.S.-India business and strategic partnership – today’s event and report launch in the heart of the U.S. Capitol will hopefully help shine a light on an untold aspect of this story of collaboration.”


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