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Coast Guard performs emergency medevac of cardiac arrest ship passenger near Goa coast

As part of their noble mission of saving distressed human lives at sea, Coast Guard west performed a medical emergency evacuation of a cruise ship passenger who reportedly suffered cardiac arrest while the ship cruised close to Goa coast.  Coast Guard rescue centre around 2.30 P.M. on 11th Nov received a SOS that German cruise passenger ship with 1855 passengers on board had one, 75 year old German passenger viz Konrad Anton suffering cardiac arrest. Upon receipt of SOS, Coast Guard West launched medevac (Medical Evacuation) operations in no time. Quite knowing that it was a case of cardiac arrest, the operations room of Coast Guard coordinated and enabled all efforts towards launching an immediate response and further corresponded with vessel owners to appoint an agent and get a cardiac ambulance somewhere nearer to hospital.

A coast guard helicopter and a fast interceptor boat was launched within minutes, meanwhile the ship was advised to cruise with full speed towards Goa. The patient was winched up by CG Helo from North of Reddi Port and brought to an ambulance which was directed to wait at Miramar beach closer to Manipal hospital. The patient was handed over to the medical team. The patient is now reported to be stable and under treatment by a team of specialists at Manipal Hospital Goa, according to a release.


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