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DP World, Hutchison Ports, PSA International, Shanghai International Port Group and Port of Rotterdam Authority take green iniatives

The World’s leading Container  Port  Operators DP World, Hutchison Ports, PSA International  and Shanghai International Port Group, collaborated along with the Port of Rotterdam Authority, have completed a week - long global “Go Green” initiative across  their international  port and facility  networks, yielding positive results  in terms of  environmental education and conservation. The environment conservation measures were undertaken in these terminals for the fourth year in a row.

Under the theme of “Climate Change”,  7,500 employees of the five port operating groups  volunteered time to CO2 - mitigation, climate change resilience and staff education activities. Also  included were coastal and wildlife preservation activities and a host of employee environmental  education events. Across its portfolio of 78 terminals in 40 countries,  global trade enabler  DP World encouraged  its  employees and local communities to become “ Climate Mates ”.

During the month long campaign in September, each of DP World’s  business units chose a range of activities, including the  increased  use of recycled paper, switching to paperless billing and transactions, planting trees and using  glass instead of plastic bottles to reduce their negative impact on deforestation and carbon  emissions. Other activities also include reusing waste materials from the port, food waste composting,  cleaning terminal and surrounding areas, energy saving drives, volunteering at local wildlife parks  and supporting environmental education  in local communities. Almost 3,000 employees committed  4,500 hours to environmental activities, collecting some 10,000 kilograms of waste and planting over 4,000 trees.

Focusing on progress through joint action, Hutchison Ports concentrated its efforts on locations  where employees could take action in coordination with teams from other Go Green member port  groups. Over 500 Hutchison Ports employees engaged in an agenda of green races, climate - change resilience - building exercises and mass tree plantings  – from mangroves to fruit trees.  Efforts were made to choose activities that would  benefit more than one environmental cause.

For instance, Hutchison Ports’ Shanghai  Mingdong Container Terminal partnered with Shanghai  International Port Group (SIPG) in linking green race participation to a donation to the Shanghai  operations of Roots and Shoots, a conservation charity founded by Dr.Jane Goodall.

A total of 500  trees will be planted in West China’s Ningxia region in the name of the Shanghai terminals to both  fight desertification and remove CO2 from the air. Working with Hutchison Ports in Shanghai, SIPG coordinated a line - up of events under the  campaign name of “Green Port, Beautiful Shanghai”. The purpose was to raise employee and  community awareness of environmental stewardship and to motivate employees to take part in  habitat protection.

Apart from the green race in support of Roots and Shoots, SIPG organized a  green port project demonstration, granted a port ecosystem knowledge award, and undertook spill  prevention drills and port basin clean - ups. These exercises are all in line with goals set during SIPG’s three - year environmental plans  – to  build a “resource - saving, en vironmentally friendly” port by 2020.

In Rotterdam, the Port of Rotterdam Authority organised an activity involving the city's major container terminal operators and the bureau Stadsnatuur Rotterdam, an organization that collects  information on flora and  fauna in the Rotterdam area and provides conservation advice.  Participants planted 750 sea buckthorn bushes on nearby sand dunes. The idea was to build  coastal and port resilience by working with nature instead of against it.

The shrubs will also help  protect biodiversity by keeping people out of an adjacent bird sanctuary.  Under the banner of “Go Green”,  3,950 people at  PSA ports around the world engaged in a diverse  range of activities aimed at raising awareness of environmental concerns and taking actio n to  conserve, recycle and reduce.

Activities included the rehabilitation of mangrove swamp ecosystems  through replanting, a roving environmental exhibition housed within a container, the clean - up of  coastlines and public areas, in addition to recycling pr ojects at ports and offices around the world.  In total, 967 seedlings were planted,  and  15.2 ton ne s of used items and 12 tonnes of trash were  collected for recycling. 

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