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V.Ship top exec lectures on mentorship quintessence at CMMI meet

The new generation of seafarers have untapped potential and seniors need to invest time in mentoring relationships, said Senior Compliance Manager, V.Ships India, Capt. Shoukat Mukherjee, Member CMMI On6th Oct at the Company of Master Mariners of India(CMMI) in Mumbai. Addressing senior shipping personalities in Mumbai, he urged them to introduce the mentoring program to employees at every level to garner companywide support.

While elaborating on how mentoring should be administered, he prompted the gathering to  help people understand the program goals, objectives and selection methods; prepare enough publicity materials to be shared within the organization; share the mentoring program’s progress and success; recognize mentor for investing time and efforts to develop people.

Later he debunked myths shrouding mentoring by enunciating that mentoring is a programme and not an event; mentoring skills have to be developed and cannot be learnt overnight; mentoring is different from coaching; every company can decide to have a mentor bank to facilitate the choosing of mentors mentoring is an agreed partnership and cannot be forced; you cannot become a mentor unless you are a leader.

Sharing novel concepts in mentoring exercise in the course of his lecture, V.ships Compliance Manager said Relationship Pairing Mentoring relationship is special - where two people, related professionally form a bond. It is built on mutual trust and respect. It is a powerful and emotional relationship, he added.

Mentor – Mentee Selection

Reeling out the mentor-mentee selection check list, he stressed on the need for a mentor profile and how they can be handpicked / applications or can be invited on the basis of what does company want to achieve? Take Guidance from benefits of mentoring; decide goals and set targets which can be measured,he added.

Illustrative Qualities of a Good Mentor  

Defining the quintessential qualities of an ideal mentor, capt Mukherjee said mentor should be non judgmental, Empathetic, Good listener Open/honest, Gives feedback,etc.  Amplifying at length, he touched upon the broad nuances of mentoring framework including preparation of policy document, place responsibilities on governance and process owner; clearly provide forms, techniques and guidelines of the mentoring process; prepare Action Plans for Launch and Implementation with timelines; review and Report to Key Sponsor and Governing Committee.

Mentee Pool

Shortly after chalking up the mentorship program, he advised the senior managers of the shipping companies  on identification of mentees,appraisals, age, special skills, high potential – set guidelines Mentee source / levels, expected mentee pool Communication Strategy – launch and develop and closing, develop a communication strategy; Build excitement ; show Benefits both sides, recognize mentors etc.

How to Mentor?

‘We all know the benefits of Mentoring – But do we know how to mentor?’ Key Elements in Implementing a Successful Mentoring Program, CMMI member said it is hard to be a mentor without being a leader.  Mentoring is not a function, it is a relationship or a partnership built on trust and faith (Example KBC) How we can build trusting relationships within the Organization, he said.

Mentoring can also give you a great overall sense of personal satisfaction, knowing that you are helping someone else learn and grow on a professional and personal level, he added. Both the mentor and mentee has to agree to the mentoring process, he sounded and further stressed that mentoring Program will not be successful without management commitment.

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