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Safe cargo packing, handling and transport: the need for better communication and cooperation: Industry Coalition

Addressing a special session of ICHCA International’s 65th anniversary conference in Las Palmas, Spain on 4 October ‘17, members from the four bodies of the industry coalition--– Global Shippers’ Forum, ICHCA International, TT Club and World Shipping Council—emphasised that safety improvements down the international supply chain can be achieved thru proper packing, handling and transport of cargo transport units (CTUs) including containers.

Captain Richard Brough representing the hosts, ICHCA International was pleased to be able to address such a significant group CARC, the Canarias/Africa Chapter of ICHCA, who are meeting with us this week and he said that the terminal operators and stevedores though play a relatively minor role in packing containers and other CTUs, can have a very significant role of identifying eccentrically loaded and dangerously packed units and can take at once right steps addressing safety concerns.

 Peregrine Storrs-Fox of TT Club highlighted the need to step up efforts to communicate the Code; he pointed out, based on the findings of a survey they recently conducted, that there is lack of awareness of the comprehensive nature of the Code adding “Cooperation from all stakeholders across the global supply chain in order to improve this communication of the Code and, importantly, its uptake is vital.”

Talking about the issue of pest contamination of containers and their cargoes, Lars Kjaer of the WSC observed that the use of the Code duly supported by targeted guidelines, “will assist in efforts to mitigate this problem as all involved in the international container supply chain have a duty to ensure that CTUs and their cargoes are not infested with soil, plants, plant products, insects or other animals.”

Shippers and those acting on their behalf in packing containers and other CTUs around the world are a key group to be engaged in efforts to promote the Code in practice.  Chris Welsh, representing the Global Shippers Forum, also meeting in Las Palmas this week, is keen to spread the message. He commented, “Today’s meeting brings together in a single venue those who operate cargo handling facilities and the shippers and packers who initiate the movement. It is a key moment to bring our important safety messages to all elements of the supply chain and particularly those responsible for packing and securing cargo in CTUs.  We continue to call for cooperation from all such stakeholders to improve the industry’s safety record in this crucial regard.”


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