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Bengal Tiger Line & Jediv Cargo Management ship out over-length project cargo in container

Bengal Tiger Line and Jediv Cargo Management together recently succeeded in transporting an over-sized project cargo in container.


The cargo was Kelly bars used for drilling the earth; this project cargo for Bhutan had earlier arrived in Kolkata port in a general cargo vessel.


Leading specialist in carriage of special cargo, Jediv Cargo Management did not prefer chartering a vessel since it would not be cost-effective.


Bengal Tiger Line (BTL), the experienced common feeder carrier came out with an operational plan and offered to carry the over-length cargo on its vessel as containerised cargo.



Shipping oversized cargo, a cargo that does not fit inside a container, generally, requires meticulous planning, followed by flawless execution so that the task is achieved cost-effectively with complete safety. Of course, the cost depends on the actual size of the cargo being transported.


As the next step, Bengal Tiger Line and Jediv Cargo Management approached Kolkata Port Terminal with their plan to ship out the over-sized cargo which occupies large space which is a constraint on the terminal.



KDS Terminal/BKCT and the BTL-Jediv team held a meeting to draw up the plan from entry of cargo to the Port until safe loading onboard BTL vessel.


Tiger Wave Voy. 011, operated by Bengal Tiger Line, docked at KDS Terminal 8NSD and, after considering all safety parameters of the vessel, BTL loaded the over-length cargo on September 11, 2017 in close coordination with KDS Terminal/BKCT, said a release.


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