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UK P&I Club promotes safety at sea thru game app ‘Risk Ahoy’; education thru entertainment

UK P&I Club, a leading provider of P&I insurance and other services to the international shipping community, has launched a gaming app ‘Risk Ahoy’ to coincide with International Shipping Week, to highlight the hazards that those on board ships face on a daily basis in an engaging and interactive manner, says a release.

‘Risk Ahoy’, has been developed by the loss prevention department of UK P&I Club, is available on iTunes and Google Playstore, and has been intuitively designed to allow users to dip in and out of the action, with short, medium and long modes available. Players navigate their ship through 38 colourful levels of increasingly challenging difficulty, working their way through the various mini games, while identifying and avoiding common on board hazards. 

Everyday seafarers make millions of decisions that can impact the safety of their ship and individuals on-board. Human error, failure to spot an issue, or even an over familiarity with the dangers can lead to incidents occurring.

By taking a gamified approach, UK P&I Club hopes to overcome barriers such as culture, language and rank and engage with crews on the issue of loss prevention in a novel and fun manner.  For civilians, ‘Risk Ahoy’ can act to raise awareness of the dangers on board ships as well as piquing the interest of a younger generation of players to consider a future career at sea. 

Gamification is, amongst other things, a way for businesses to add fun and competitiveness to a subject matter that might typically be difficult to communicate to a chosen audience.

Gamification provides an opportunity for businesses to entertain, challenge, educate and reward their chosen audiences. Gamification engenders engagement which in a fast-paced, distraction-laden world makes it one of the most exciting and powerful communication channels for businesses today.

George Devereese, Senior Loss Prevention Executive, said: “Loss prevention isn’t always the most exciting or easiest subject to communicate. UK P&I Club is committed to finding new ways to share our knowledge and expertise in the promotion safety at sea. By developing an interactive game that has educational value and provides a fun experience, we hope to put the issue of loss prevention to the forefront of people’s minds.” 


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