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Mid-sea Confrontation- CG Rescues Seven Odisha Fishermen

In a mid-sea confrontation, the crews of sea-worthy fishing trawl from Kakdwip Island from West Bengal attacked a fishing vessel from Paradip, endangering the safety of seven sea-going fishermen.

The crews of the Bengal vessel deliberately crashed against the Odisha vessel, causing damage to it. The crews of the damaged boat sent SOS to Coast Guard as the vessel faced imminent threat of capsizal following gushing of water into it, said Paradip Coast Guard personnel.

The mid-sea incident occurred at about 30 nautical miles off Paradip coast. The CG ship on patrol rushed to the distressed crews of the damaged vessel and them from drowning.  The damaged vessel along with its seven crews has been towed back to safety by a CG patrol vessel, said Coast Guard Commandant, Ashis.

The rogue vessel along with 15 of its Bengali-speaking crews has been detained at Paradip fishing harbour. The matter has been referred to Paradip marine police station for investigation.

The vessels from West Bengal are perpetrating trouble often along Odisha’s coastal waters. All on a sudden, they marched towards us and intentionally collided with one the patrol vessels. . The outer body of the patrol vessel was damaged following the collision. It was a traumatized experience for us. Our trawl was destined to capsize. But for the timely help of coast guard personnel, we all would have met watery grave, said a crew of the damaged vessel.


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