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Coast Guard Accords Recognition to Sea-Going Fishermen as ‘Eyes & Ears’ of Coastal Security

Recognizing the role of sea-going fishermen as ‘eyes & ears’ of coastal security mechanism, the Coast Guard initiated a novel measure in observing the Independence Day to sensitize them.

We observed the national day in a different way. Apart from the ceremonial hoisting of tri-colour, the Coast Guard personnel spent time with the fishermen mid-sea to strengthen the bond with marine fishermen communities and crews of sea-worthy vessels. These adventurous people venture into deep sea to eke out living by fishing. They are ones who provide us the mid-sea feedback on intruding vessels’ suspicious activities. Therefore we had decided to spend the day with them in sea-voyage in a bid to develop rapport and affinity with them, said Coast Guard Commandant, Ashis.  

The CG personnel had healthy interaction with them despite language barrier. They were given away pack of delicious sweets as a token gesture of appreciation of their role in strengthening coastal security system, he said.  

Sea-going fishermen are ‘eyes and ears’ for coastal security apparatus and they constitute a vital component for maintenance of sea safety. Timely response from fishing community can ward off any asymmetric threat emanating from sea.

CG has been continuously organising programmes at periodic intervals to sensitize fishermen community and seaside settlers on the maritime security.  The community awareness programme is playing a pivotal role in empowering the fishermen to thwart possible marine subversive activities, infiltration and sea route smuggling.  

The awareness campaigns are intended to unite coastal fishing villages and communities against seaward threat by sensitizing them about coastal security issues such as prompt reporting of suspicious activities at sea or near the shore areas.

Various coastal security initiatives such as e-registration of fishing boats, vessels and crafts, fishermen biometric identity cards and color coding of all fishing boats have already been implemented and the fishermen communities have also been imparted the basics on safety mechanism during hours of distress.

 “The coast guard officials explained us in plain words the significant role that seagoing fishermen play in maintenance of coastal security. We were explained of the operation disaster alert transmitters. It’s the utmost duty of crews of fishing vessels to swiftly report to the coast guard of suspiciously moving crafts along the seawaters”, remarked seagoing fishermen.


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