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Set up a Technical Textile Park near Tirupur in a bid to improve exports, FIEO suggests to TN Govt

The southern regional council of Federation of Indian exporters Organsiation has recommended the setting up of a technical textile sector cluster near Tirupur with an area of 100 hectares of land comprising of around 60+ technical textile manufacturers along with common facilities like R&D, common effluent treatment plants etc.  

According to the study there is huge potential in the state in the Technical Textile Sector even though presently India is having very negligible share.  Technical Textile having applications in various sectors including Agriculture for the activities like growing, harvesting of crops and animals.  The products include: Shade-nets, Mulch-mats, Crop-covers, Defense, Anti-hail nets and bird protection nets, Fishing net, Packaging, Sports, etc.

As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, Textiles and Readymade Garments having major share in Tamil Naduís industrial scenario as well as exports.  However, in the changed global scenario, it is necessary that the manufacturers should be encouraged to go for more value added products as well as competitive pricing. 

Setting up Tamil Nadu Textile Export Promotion Board:

The Textile Industry in Tamil Nadu fully depends on international market and hence export is important for vital and continuous growth of this sector. In this context, a TN Textile Export Promotion Board is suggested with Chief Secretary as Chairman and FIEO Chairman as Vice- Chairman. The Textiles Secretary can be Secretary for the Board with Secretaries of related sectors like Industry, EB, Minor Ports and Infrastructure, Revenue, SGST, Labour, etc members. The Board also may co-opt textile sector associations as members.

The aim and objective of the Board may be provide linkage with Textile, Garment, made-ups, etc from availability of raw materials to marketing of finished products. Issues confronting the industry including power, labour, etc can come under the Board as Single Window for all issues related to textile sector. The Board may meet six times in a year.

Set up a new textile processing Park:

A new textile processing park may be created with all necessary infrastructure including R&D, Common effluent treatment center, etc. The Park can be set up near River/Sea with Zero effluent discharge facility.

Need for more Women Hostel:

State Govt. may set up Women Hostels in all textile clusters in Tamil Nadu so that more women can be encouraged to join in textile industry.

Marketing Support

Support to the textile industries for participating in major textile related exhibitions held across the Globe may be provided with the support form or organisations like FIEO.  Marketing support may be provided by the State Government by way of subsidized stall charges and travel expenses to be incurred by the exporters for encourage them for more participation.

The global textile and apparel industry is worth over US$ 7,395 billion, with clothing accounting for 60 per cent of the market and apparel, the balance 40 per cent. It is expected to reach US$ 800 billion by 2020. 

The Indian textile industry is one of the oldest and most significant industries in the country. It accounts for around 4 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP), 14 per cent of industrial production and over 13 per cent of the country's total export earnings.

In fact, it is the largest foreign exchange earning sector of India. Moreover, it provides employment to over 35 million persons. There is huge potential for India to increase our world trade share of present 7 per cent to 15 per cent within 5 years if necessary support in provided.

USA and European Union (EU) together are the major consumers of textiles. They accounted for nearly 64 per cent of clothing and 39 per cent of textile consumption. However, today India faces serious challenges from countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam in these markets and unless proper support is given the future will be a very big challenge.


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