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Kolkata Port announces concessions to Nepal container trade to meet the competition from Visakhapatnam port

Kolkata port administration has announced a slew of concessions to both road and rail bound containers for Nepal by extending 15 to 20 day stay at the port premises free of cost in a bid to retain its business in the wake of competition from the distant Visakhapatnam port.

The concessions come in the wake of successful rail transportation of ninety containers from the distant Visakhapatnam port to Nepal last week. Nepal has already declared Visakhapatnam as the second port of call for handling its goods breaking the monopoly extended by the Mountain country to Kolkata and Haldia ports.

At a meeting held at the Kolkata Port Trust Head Office on July 24, at the request of Nepal Custom House Agentsí Association (NECHAA), a number of measures were announced to facilitate Nepal trade.

The meeting was presided over by Deputy Chairman of Kolkata port Balaji Arunkumar,  and was attended by all major lines serving the Nepal trade (APL, OOCL, Yang Ming, Samudera, PIL and others), Chief General Manager ofr CONCOR Rathendra Raman, and several members of the trade.

At the end of the meeting Deputy Chairman announced concessions to the trade in a bid to retain the ports' business with Nepal. The concessions include

All road-bound container imports will be granted 10-day rent-free period in docks. Road-bound containers will also be allowed to stay in docks up to 15 days for direct delivery on payment of ground rent as per Scale of Rates.

All rail-bound container imports will continue to enjoy 20-day rent-free period in docks.

The long-standing demand of the Nepal trade and NECHAA for 10-day rent-free period was granted by the competent authority. The concessions were well received by the trade according to a Port release

Kolkata Port Trust will continue to efficiently serve the Nepal trade while being on the lookout for opportunities to further augment services.


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