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GST will become a case study for universities across the world: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while speaking his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ pointed out the positive impact of the historic phenomenon of GST and its success will be so much recognized across the globe, he said, GST will become a case study for universities across the world. “And some day, the Pundits of Economics, Pundits of Management and Pundits of Technology, will certainly undertake researches and write about India’s GST experiment as a model for the world. It will become a case study for universities across the world. The implementation and furtherance of such a phenomenal change on such a monumental scale, with the involvement of so many tens of millions of people in such a vast country, is in itself a pinnacle of success. The world will definitely make a study of it”, he added.

 In his ‘Mann Ki Baat’, a very unparallel phenomenon from the top leader of the country, PM Modi urged the people to help build a New India which will be free from the rampant evils of poverty, terrorism, caste and communalism in the next five years. 

Calling 2017-22 a very significant period he said, “1942 to 1947 were decisive years that led to India’s freedom. Similarly, 2017-22 are crucial too. In 2017, let us resolve to free the country from social evils like poverty, terrorism, casteism and communalism. Let us all pledge that by 2022, when we celebrate 75 years of Independence, we will take the nation to greater heights of progress”.

He also called upon the people to celebrate 15 August 2017 taking a firm resolve to work towards making of a new India. In fact, this campaign of making a new India should become a people’s movement.

 “In 2022, when we mark 75 years of freedom, we will certainly transform that resolve into Siddhi or attainment. Let’s launch a mega campaign ‘Sankalp se Siddhi’—Attainment through Resolve—from the 9th of this August. The slogan in 1942 was Do or Die, but now it is to resolve, to come together and work towards making of new India,” he said.

He spoke of the inevitable GST which is a vital step taken in the path of building a new India wherein the culture of honesty will prevail. With the implementation of GST, the dream of one nation and one tax has been at last fulfilled.

 “GST is more than a tax reform. GST is an example of the collective strength of India. It has started a culture of honesty in the country and is like a social reform movement. Successful rollout of GST is a case study. It is also an example of cooperative federalism as all decisions were taken by both the centre and states unanimously. A friendly environment has been created between the government and traders, between government and consumers, and this has played a very significant role in enhancing mutual trust,” Modi said.

Pointing out the positive impact of GST on the transport and logistics sector, Modi said the movements of the trucks have gone up and highways are now free from congestion.

 “Earlier, because of multiple tax structures, most of the resources of this sector were used in maintaining paperwork. This ‘Good and Simple Tax’ has had a positive impact on our economy. The trust of customers for the traders is increasing,” he said.

Like a true statesman and a seasoned politician, he never failed to congratulate all those who had worked hard for GST and most significantly the people who would cooperate and have cooperated with the government. “ In the matter of GST I have seen how everyone, right from the Government functionaries at the Tehsil level to the officers in the top echelons of Government of India have toiled tirelessly with great dedication. The manner in which the friendly environment was created between the Government and traders, between the government and consumers, played a very significant role in enhancing mutual trust. I extend my heartiest felicitations to each and every ministry, every department and all employees of the Central and State governments involved with this process. GST is a fine example of the collective strength of the people of India. This is a historic achievement. And this is not just a tax reform; it is a new economic order that will strengthen a new culture of honesty. In a way, it is also a campaign for social reformation. I would like to once again express my deep gratitude to the millions of my countrymen who have contributed to the successful achievement of this great feat with such felicity.”

It is remains an indisputable fact that PM Modi reaches the people of the nation directly through his ‘Mann Ki Baat’. A transformation of a nation through so many reforms cannot be just willed by the rulers; it is possible only if the people join the government in all its endeavours and to go closer to the people and to convince them, this precious Radio Talk proves a golden initiative. Moreover, it is the political wisdom of the leader that he talks not only of the agenda of the government but also of the national events like the floods in the country and also about the Indian Women’s Cricket Team. The distance between the leader and the led is considerably reduced, infusing confidence in the leader that he is certainly for the led ever.


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