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Mangala River Mouth Turns into Fish Graveyard

Water pollution has taken a heavy toll on aquatic species mainly fish near Managala river mouth close to the sea coast near Puri Temple Township.

Motionless bodies of tons fish were spotted drifting along the river mouth triggering panic among both the inland and sea-going fishermen communities.

 Bloated bodies of fish and aquatic animals continue to drift along the polluted water bodies and creeks. Stench smell emanating from the dead species fills the air.

Sometime back similar scenario of en-masse death of fish species had been reported. The matter had been brought to the notice of authorities concerned. But it was of no avail. The spectre of death has recurred again. It is going to spell disaster for those living on fishing activities, said fishermen community members.

 From time to time, this phenomenon of en masse dying of fish is being reported. Toxic effluents have become the messenger of death for fish and aquatic animals in the water channels and creeks near Puri, they rued.

Water samples are being collected and it will be sent for laboratory test to ascertain the exact cause of fish death. It's too early to conclude that it is pollution-induced death, said an official of State Pollution Control Board

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