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Public transport on electric is our dream: Nitin Gadkari

Speaking on the sidelines of an ASSOCHAM event,  Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said that the government is keen to revamp public transport through introduction of double-decker luxury buses  on alternative fuels, aiming to curb private vehicle use.

"Plans are underway to introduce Double decker fleet of luxury buses to link cities like Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi- Jaipur and Delhi-Ludhiana. The fleet will be air conditioned with services that include hostesses (on board)... and I assure you charges will be much economic, less than present as these will run on alternative fuel.

The Minister said that Volvo is ready to run buses on methanol which can easily be manufactured in the country.

The government will erect an electric line - Delhi to Mumbai - to be reserved for electric transport, he said.

Gadkari said India, especially the capital needs to reform its transport system as petrol and diesel vehicles caused much pollution and Delhi has to search solutions like "Odd and Even".

He said the present government’s priority is to promote clean fuel and to cut on the huge Rs 7 lakh crore import bills that India incurs every year and running buses on alternative fuel will help attain the goal.

The government will also aim at reducing private vehicles. The number of private vehicles is increasing so much that it may require one lane every three year and “that will cost too much. We need to discourage people from buying vehicles and improve the public transport," he said.


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