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DG Shipping invites stakeholders & maritime training institutes to test the waters of revised GP rating prgrm

A revised GP rating syllabus, has been prepared emphasizing more than practical skills (hands on training of the GP rating students), says a DG Shipping note. The aims of the revised GP ratings course is to provide pre-sea training that would balance theoretical knowledge, practical skills, safety consciousness and efficiency for those who wish to take up seafaring as a profession to serve as ratings on merchant ships. The curriculum intends to make the rating competent all round with hands on skills in both the deck and engine departments and not merely comply with minimum requirements.

 The curriculum also includes the knowledge, understanding and proficiency as specified in Table A-II/5(‘Able Seafarer-Deck’) and A-III/5 (‘Able Seafarer-Engine’) of STCW convention as amended in 2010 and after the prescribed sea experience as watch keeping rating, would enable the rating to comply with regulation A-II/5 and A-III/5 of the STCW convention as amended in 2010 and obtain certificate of proficiency as ‘Able Seafarer-Deck” or “Able Seafarer-Engine” as applicable.

 High CIP rating must for new institutes approved from 2017 onwards

 The maritime education regulator has made Comprehensive Inspection Programme (CIP) mandatory for new institutes approved for GP ratings from 2017 onwards. The institutes shall undergo inspection as per the CIP for Pre-sea institutes as per DGS order NO.04 of 2016 dated 12th Sept 2016 within 15 months of starting the first course and it should achieve a grading of A2 at least, by approved R.O. If any institute is graded less than A2, it will be allowed one year time to upgrade to A2, failing which it shall be closed down and derecognized.

No capacity ramp up for B1 rated existing institutes

 The existing institutes shall undergo inspection as per the CIP for pre-sea institutes as per DGS order no.4 of 2016 dated 12th Sept 2016 within the stipulated time period given therein. If the existing institute is graded less than B1, it will be allowed to 1 year time to upgrade to B1, and thereafter, if will be allowed 1 year time to upgrade to A2. Until such time the Institutes achieve A2 grade, no increase in capacity, frequency or batches will be considered for the institute. The continuation of approval of Institute getting C1 and C2 rankings may be reviewed by the DGS for it to be closed down and derecognized. The inspection and disciplinary action if any for deficiencies would be as per DGS Order No.07 of 2016 and DGS Order 04 of 2016. The cost of scheduled inspections shall be borne by the concerned institute.

 85% GP ratings pass outs ought to be placed within one year

 As per the revised GP ratings programme, the institute shall admit only those candidates for whom they have secured sponsorship from shipping companies for six months onboard training. Institute shall submit the sponsorship letter to DGS, before admitting the students for each batch.

Under taking will be obtained from the MIT about placement to be done through Indian shipping companies or DGS approved RPSL agencies. The MMD shall verify the capability of the said Indian shipping companies or RPSL companies to place the students for onboard ship training and shall give a clear finding in this respect in their recommendation to this Directorate after the inspection.

 Institutes are to ensure placement for onboard training with Indian Shipping companies or DGS approved RPSL, of a minimum of 85% of all its trainees who have passed out from the GP ratings course within a period of 12 months from the date of passing out/examination result.

The placement records will be checked during every CIP inspection by the ROS as per the norms specified therein, and any non-compliance will result in the intake of the institute to be reduced for the next academic year or approval will be withdrawn.

 Correspondence via E-Samundra

 The institute shall upload all data related to the course on E-Samundra within 10 working days of the commencement of the course. And must forward a soft copy and hard copy of list candidates enrolled for the course to:The DGS, INDOS cell and examination authority in a prescribed format as envisaged by DG note. Seeking stakeholders response, DGS calls upon All stakeholders/concerned to go through the revised syllabus to  give their inputs/comments/feedback before 15th July, 2017 at dgstrg@gmail.com, says an official note on 30th June.


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