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RSP moves to protect the caged animals from heat

The Indira Gandhi Park zoo of Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) that is also the second largest integrated zoo of the Sate, houses 135 animals and birds belonging to 23 species. These include endangered species like Common Pea fowl, Hill Mynah and Four-horned antelope to attractive birds like White Ibis, Ostrich, Emu, Rosy Pelican, Blue & Gold Macaw as well as different types of deer and reptiles.

 To protect these animals and birds from the scorching summer heat adequate precautions are being taken by the Horticulture Unit.  Shades have been provided in all the enclosures of animals and birds.  Wholesome feed, specially prepared as per the recommended diet, is being fed along with glucose and electral water.  Coolers have been erected in sensitive enclosures. Round the clock water supply is ensured for all birds and animals. Continual flow of water is being ensured to prevent stagnation of water and resultant scum formation.  Water is provided in ponds for wallowing animals. Their dwellings are cleaned on a regular basis with medicinal disinfectants. These precautions help the creatures in the zoo to avoid dehydration, sunstroke and other problems, which they might face in summer. Special care is taken for endangered and sensitive species so that they can get into the water anytime and keep themselves cool.

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